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A lot of parental energy goes into the final choice of a baby name. Many parents spend hours searching through books of baby names. These parents may be looking for a certain type of name. It is possible that the parents to be are looking for a celebrity name that may be in the back of their minds. Most new parents grew up watching certain television programs and would like a baby name that has some special history for them (more…)

Or, Why Opening Presents Early is Ok


I have no doubt that there are children out there who sail through the holiday time with great equanimity, smoothly transitioning through the sugar overload and piles of presents with smiles, graciousness, and charm. I’m sure their clothes are all pristine green and red, and never accented with schmears of chocolate chips consumed as if life as we know it depends upon getting another chip in the mouth as quickly and as messily as possible (more…)

Single Parents Dating Sites – Why Date Single Parents

Happy interracial family is blowing bubbles

Many men stay away from single parents dating sites because they are assuming that most single parents dating single men and women usually don’t have the time to spend with them. This is because they may be too busy with their kids or their job. Yes, this can be quite true in the cases of some single mothers but remember that there are also single mothers that can make time for dating if they so choose. As proof that there are actually quite a number of single parents willing to date out there (more…)